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Chalkboard wall

About a month ago, my wife have this idea of turning one of our walls into a chalkboard wall, so the kids can draw on that ( instead of on our furnitures …. ) We did it and it looks amazing,  now we even spend more time ourselves to draw than the kids. We use projector to help us to draw as we are not good enough yet to draw without any help, it’s cheating I know but it looks way better 😀  Now more and more idea come to our head after we build this chalkboard wall, all kinds of different style we want to try, also we want to try projection mapping too with our drawings, lots of fun stuff to do.

Now I really recommend to all the people who want to decorate their house, it’s really easy to make a chalkboard wall, you just need to clean the wall and put the paint on, that’s it, and you have your own creative corner starting up. And also because it’s black ( or dark ) it actually makes your space feel larger. Search for chalkboard wall on the internet, you will find a lot of interesting stuff, and it’s a easy thing to do to make your space look different and fun !