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Blow : My Christmas Experiment this year

I was really surprised when I get the invitation from David to create one project for the Christmas experiment this year. I am a huge fan of them and always wondering if I can make my contribute to it. I cannot express how excited I am when I receive the email.

By that time I was working with some particles so I come up with this idea : to blow the particle ( sand ) away to reveal the image. Here is the first test :
xmas_xperiment_0I had a lot of fun building this, playing particles is always my favorite and It looks cool. However this looks more like Chinese paintings and I don’t know how to make it feel more holiday. Then my friend Bert come up with this design with golden particles and a pink background and suddenly it becomes very holiday like.


In this experiment I was still using the texture to save the particle positions and perform the calculation in the shader as my last post. In total there are 512 x 512 particles which is just the size of the image. I use a black/white image as a map, only the black part will stay and the white part will fly away. For the revealing I put a center in a random place and also combined with Perlin noise to give it more natural feeling. The last thing is the gold particles, which I just took it from an image and it works quite well. I think it could be more interesting with some point light effect but I ran out of time and the it already looks quite good to me so I didn’t try it in the end.


So That’s it, that’s how I build this experiment. It’s simple but I had a lot of fun building it. Especially after a very stressful project I feel I need to do something fun to release my pressure. Again I am very thankful for being part of this and really proud to stand with all other talented developers. I enjoy all the experiments and can’t wait to see the rest !