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Hi, My name is Yi-Wen but everyone call me just “Wen”.

I come from Taiwan and moved to Paris at 2007 then worked there for 5 years in a company call Marcel. At 2012 I moved to London and joined B-reel as a creative technologist. And then I left B-Reel at 2014 and join Stink Digital as Lead Developer. That’s where I am now.

Apart from office work I enjoy making my experiments and personal projects, web or installations, whatever is fun to play. I like coding and especially with 3D such as WebGL or OpenGL. I am also a father of 2 kids and I love making digital toys for them. If you are interested in my works you could find me on twitter : @yiwen_lin When ever I got new stuff to show i’ll always tweet about it. Lastly if you want to get in touch with me here is my email address : bongiovi015 [at] gmail.com