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Chinese style mountains

A little experiment done last weekend, I got this idea on my way back friday night and can’t wait to build it.

The idea is simple, to record an ink drop video, and use it as a texture to create a mountain. In the end I just end up using static images instead of video because I haven’t got time to edit it. But already these images work really well, better than I originally imaged. And I enjoy to create things from real, the beauty of it is that it’s different every time and you can’t predict what’s going to happen. All you can do is to put some water on the paper, let the ink drop, and just wait and see the interesting shape form itself. You can definitely create these texture in photoshop but however record from the real thing makes it feels more “alive” to me and have more surprises as well.

for the code part it’s simple, the shape of the mountain is created using a sine curve plus some perlin noise, here is the demo link:


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