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Codevember and ray marching



Still can’t believe that I’ve made it, but really glad I did. I decided to do this because I feel I never pushed myself hard enough, and want to challenge myself. It was easier at the beginning, while you hare a lot of ideas from the past. And then as the time goes you start to run out of ideas, that’s where the panic starts. I want to say thank you to all my friends who provides me ideas and inspirations. In this month everyday is like this : finish the experiment of the day just before I go to bed, then start to think about what I can do next day. It’s really intense, however it helped me a lot. In order to create work quickly I need to gather tools first, and save more tools while building them. The more tools you have, the quicker you can build.


Ray marching

A great part of my codevember experiments are ray marchings. I really like it. It was a huge mystery to me and seems super complicated. I am lucky to come across this live coding tutorial just before the codevember starts.

I’m so glad that my french hasn’t completely gone so I am still able to understand the most part of it. It’s a really wonder tutorial that guide you step by step to build your first ray marching experiment. Once finished this you’ll be able to start understand better the codes on shadertoy.com. AndĀ need to mention this amazing blog post of iq. It has all the basic tools you need. With this you are already able to create some amazing stuff.

I really like ray marching. It’s really simple: everything happens in 1 fragment shader. All the effects you need is just one function call, e.g. AO, Shadow, Lighting ( Diffuse, Specular), Spherical reflections … etc. For me it feels much simpler and easier to deal with. Besides, there’s already tons of tools on shadertoy that you can use. All you need is just to figure out what the arguments you need to pass in to the function, and most of the time they are really simple.

Also here are some other interesting videos related to ray marching :

also someĀ useful links :


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